How to Design and Facilitate Process

Regardless of whether you want to be a facilitative leader, a neutral facilitator, or effective participant, in this workshop you will discover methods for collaboratively solving problems and finding mutually agreeable solutions so your organization or community, program or project can move ahead.

Learn to design and conduct meetings in which:Designing_and_Facilitating_edited

  • The purpose and outcomes are achieved;
  • People feel good about what is achieved and the contributions they made;
  • The group’s ability to work together improves;
  • People commit to agreements and carry them out.

These methods include how to:

    • Plan, open, conduct, close, and follow-up on an effective meeting;
    • Use graphic recording during a meeting and create a “group memory;”
    • Design an overall planning or decision-making process that involves a series of meetings over time involving key stakeholders;
    • Build a solid foundation as a facilitative leader or neutral facilitator by practicing the knowledge, tools and skills in “live” situations, including in difficult ones;
    • Be a constructive and facilitative participant.

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