Consulting Skills

Discover how you can increase your ability to (1) have your expertise and experience fully utilized and your recommendations implemented; (2) establish and maintain effective partnerships with your clients, (3) set the stage to attract the work you want to do. By the end of this program you will understand:

  • The difference between managing, doing the work, training and consulting;
  • The continuum of consulting roles and the uses of each;
  • Eight keys to effective consulting: authenticity, partnership, spirit of inquiry, clear agreements, being trustworthy, influencing, managing resistance and resolving conflicts, and achieving the goals of each phase of the consulting process,
  • Seven phases of the consulting process: Setting the Stage, Entering, Contracting, Diagnosing, Determining Action, Planning and Implementing, Assessing and Closing
  • The central importance of interpersonal and facilitative skills in consulting.

This course is designed for both internal and external consultants. Internal “consultants” in staff roles or external consultants with particular areas of expertise find the knowledge and skills they gain in this program contribute significantly to their success in marketing, engineering, human resources, information technology, and science.

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