Six Essential Communication Skills for Leaders

In our conversations and meetings today, we create our tomorrow. How we interact with one another at work and in our communities affects the quality of our thinking along with the quality of our relationships and decision making. In this workshop you will learn to avoid or minimize misunderstandings and reactivity in conversations.Consulting Skills

Understand why and how people misperceive and “trigger” one another; learn how to keep this from happening and how to get a conversation back on track when this does occur. Become more adept at:

  • Listening, tapping this underutilized and critical skill;
  • Asking good questions that expand and deepen understanding;
  • Saying what you think in an inclusive, non-divisive way;
  • Separating your inferences and judgments from what you are actually seeing and hearing;
  • Dealing with differences compassionately and constructively;
  • Handling difficult conversations, and you own emotions, constructively.

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