Organizational Change and Transition

Organizational Change

Our approach to organizational change has been tried and tested over many years with organizations in all sectors. For example, we successfully facilitated the merging of three operating companies in the energy field; we guided a teaching hospital in transforming its structure to better serve patients and operate profitably; and we helped a not-for-profit transform its operations to better achieve its mission.

Our Collaborative Change Process has three phases: Develop the Foundation for Change; Design Change; Implement Change. When needed, we provide our clients with roadmaps, workbooks, and tools to help create change collaboratively.


Organizational Transition

Change is difficult for people, even when they see it as a good thing. Change is situational. It happens whenever something starts, stops, or alters in your life, your organization, or your community. Transition is the psychological and emotional process people go through when they experience change inside or around them. For change to be successful, individuals, communities and organizations need to acknowledge and tend to the process of transition.

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