Generating New Fields of Awareness: The Neuropsychology of Change (Workshop)

Generating New Fields of Awareness: The Neuropsychology of Change

A four-day virtual workshop

Dec 14-17, 2021

from 8:30am-1:30pm PT.

Mary Gelinas, Ed.D. and David Sibbet have been working together for several years on neuropsychology and change. This workshop also integrates new thinking from Mary’s work with Alan Briskin on fields and David’s emerging insights about the power of visual thinking in a co-creative context. Our last offering of this workshop was outstanding and we decided to make it available again.



In the workshop participants can expect the following:

  • Exploration of how our attention shapes energetic and social fields
  • Understanding of the nature of fields and distinctions between different types
  • Learning about levels of awareness and practices for personal and group development
  • Appreciating visually and intellectually how generic neuropsychological systems work to both block and amplify perception
  • Appreciate the role of biases
  • Participate in embodied practices focusing on different levels of awareness.

Registration will give you access to the full program and links. The page showing your full program will be in a Library on the Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN) website, accessible with your email and password. 

Open to the Public. $350 FEE/ 50% discount for GLEN MEMBERS with discount code below:


For more information about workshop and GLEN click here:


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Mary and David


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