Four Rivers of Life in 2017

Roger and I have organized our last newsletter of 2017 in the Four Rivers of Life that we learned from Angeles Arrien (1940-2014) during our many years of study with her. According to Angeles, many traditional societies believe that these rivers—Inspiration, Challenge, Surprise and Love—sustain and support us. They also connect us to greater gifts like appreciating one’s life and making sure we are living the life we desire and dream.

River of Inspiration
Working with the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy and its dedicated Executive Director, Amanda Eichel, and the Humboldt Bay Trails Working Group inspires our creativity and commitment to make the world a better place in ways large and small.

Hiking in Mesa Verde National Park, Capitol Reef National Park and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument this Fall reminds us how much we love and need to experience the grandeur and silence of nature and to listen to the wisdom of the ancient ones.

Joining the Global Learning and Exchange Network and revitalizing relationships with long-time-ago colleagues and creating new ones is stimulating insights and awakening new possibilities. If you’d like to be a part of a global learning community, sharing the purpose of evolving the methods and practices of collaboration within and across organizations and cultures to better address the central challenges of our times, you can explore the website here.

River of Challenge
Tending to our inner states of being so that our inner worlds and outer expressions are congruent with our values and life dreams.

Acknowledging the despair and cynicism that knocks more loudly at our door these days without succumbing to it, so that we stay awake to what is happening and continue to create life-giving possibilities.

River of Surprise
Receiving so many heart-felt and thoughtful applications for the Cascadia Center for Leadership ten-day program energizes the privilege and joy we feel in teaching this program. We wish we could accept all the applicants!

Experiencing the interest in and response to Mary’s blog and book Talk Matters! Saving the World One Word at a Time along with the invitations to engage with people on its content reminds us how hungry people are to learn how to bridge differences more effectively.

River of Love
Celebrating 30 years of being married and working together while deepening our relationships with the family and friends we love is motivating us to create new vows for the next 30 years!

The opportunities that we have to speak in multiple venues with diverse peoples regarding what we most care about continues to kindle our desire to collaboratively create a desired present and future for today and for those who are yet to come.

We wish you a fulfilling and inspiring holiday season.

Mary and Roger

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